North American Process

The North American Process – A Permanent Coalition

The School of Public Policy at Carleton University, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions at Arizona State University, and the School of Global Studies at Universidad Anáhuac México have been working together to promote the North American idea. We believe that the Canadian, US, and Mexican people will be stronger and more prosperous together. To reap potential benefits of a North American market, we don’t only need more government and private sector coordination, but also innovative policy solutions. Over the last decade, we have convened experts and practitioners from industry and government to discuss issues surrounding North American integration, from NAFTA implementation to competitiveness, and have suggested concrete policy solutions.

To further these efforts we are now convening permanent working groups with industry experts, stakeholders, and government officials. We hope that these working groups can be proto-think tanks, that will explore medium and long-term opportunities of a North America growing closer together.